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"The situation of Charlottesville's real estate is a mountainous, healthy, fertile country, delicious climate, good society and free as the air in religion and politics; come then my dear sir, to see this place."

~ Thomas Jefferson

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Virginia boasts a strong and diverse equine industry. We at Upland Virginia Equine Specialists offer the same to our Real Estate clients. Continue reading »

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Fabulous views from all windows of this lovely home on 21 acres in the Ivy area. The home has large public rooms, wood floors, high ceilings, 3 Fp, large kitchen with family area and sunroom, huge unfinished basement and multiple garages. View all listings »

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Bloomingdale Farm with the Blue Ridge in the back ground. Bloomingdale was sold by the Fogleman Group in 2007 and this beautiful view is from our current featured listing Langinappe farm. View more »